The sole purpose of Oatly is to make it easy for people to turn what they eat and drink into personal moments of healthy joy without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process. Sustainability, nutritional health and trust are at the heart of what they do.Oatly is all about execution and being world class. Oatly is the #1 oat based dairy alternative producer in the world, with products spanning across multiple categories. In addition, they constantly innovate to continue to stay ahead.

Oatly has been a small Swedish company and a popular Swedish brand with a large international fan base for decades. Currently, the Oatly brand is available in more than 20 countries throughout Europe and Asia. Oatly have just started an entity In the Netherlands and their new production facility will be soon up and running. Two months ago the commercial Sales Manager has started and the next step is to start looking for a:



As the Marketing Manager you will be responsible for making Oatly one the biggest food & drink success stories within the Netherlands. A big focus will be to increase the awareness and improve the understanding around our diverse and strong product portfolio. You will find new ways to ensure people all over the Netherlands who will try it, because once they do they will love it. Moreover, you will build consumer love for the brand, which in turn will drive loyalty. Ultimately, you will have a role in helping people live healthier and to make a positive impact on the planet.

 As Marketing Manager, you’ll have a broad scope, covering a wide area for the Benelux region, different products and various market approaches. In this role you will report directly to Korab Luta (Business Manager EMEA).


  • Work with our creative masterminds in Sweden to ensure the global brand strategy works for the Netherlands;
  • Coordinating and executing a holistic plan including PR, events, influencers, advertising, social media and partnerships;
  • Building relationships and developing mutually beneficially opportunities with the trade and partners;
  • Working closely with senior commercial managers to come up with initiatives that directly drive rate of sale in store;
  • To input and support the evolution of the brand, bringing NPD into the market and shaping the future for Oatly in the Netherlands;
  • Inspire, manage and upgrade new members of the team through strong leadership, coaching and motivating;
  • Build the team in line with growth and to understand when is the right time to recruit and to prioritize roles and responsibilities;
  • Manage and track budgets, quick reporting and a bit of data crunching.



  • Academic degree;
  • Proficient in Dutch and fluent English speaker;
  • Senior Marketing experience in FMCG and working with the majority in grocery;
  • A history of working for small companies in brand management is an advantage;
  • Trade marketing experience is a nice add-on.


  • You have the personality to succeed in this role: collaborative, energetic, flexible, humble, dedicated, supportive, reliable, positive and trustworthy;
  • You believe in Oatly’s mission and their role in advancing those goals – building a company committed to sustainability, superior nutritional health, and trust;
  • You are a make-it-happen person who is excited to roll up your sleeves and dive in;
  • You are incredibly organized and can bath clearly prioritize as well manage a high number of diverse tasks;
  • You love building relationships and making connections around something you are passionate about;
  • You are excited about delivering fantastic results – building a great process for success, showing how our spending translates into positive outcomes, and being smart about managing budgets and people;
  • You thrive in a job that doesn’t include a traditional workplace structure;
  • You are comfortable with ambiguity and are energized by the process of building something lasting from the ground up.