Delica Switzerland

Delica Switzerland was founded in 2021 through the merger of Chocolat Frey AG, Delica AG, Midor AG, Riseria SA and Total Capsule Solutions. The name Delica stands for the highest possible expertise in great-tasting products under the Migros Industrie umbrella. Delica employs about 2500 people at five locations across Switzerland and many offices abroad. Together, we invent chocolate, snacks and coffee a new in a sustainable manner to give our business partners’ customers a treat in proven Swiss quality. Or, put another way: reinventing goodness. That’s what Delica is all about. Whether it’s for a special occasion or an everyday pleasure, the wide range of Delica products offers the best quality for every taste. A Swiss company steeped in tradition, Delica develops and manufactures numerous own brands for Migros as well as for demanding trading partners in Switzerland and abroad.

Delica AG is a 70 years Swiss leading company in the coffee business, acting in more than 20 countries. Our coffee range is as diverse as our customers’ tastes. We have the most suitable coffee product for each customer thanks to our long-term experience in coffee purchasing, roasting and processing. Coffee beans, ground coffee, capsules or pads: Each cup of coffee becomes a moment of pure enjoyment. Six years ago we successfully launched our brand Café Royal in The Netherlands.  Café Royal offers capsules for various types of coffee systems and has become the most popular compatible capsule in Switzerland and is also highly appreciated abroad. The winning formula? The use of the best arabica and robusta beans from Rainforest Alliance-certified cultivation. Utmost care when processing the beans. And the claim that each cup is a truly royal experience.



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