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  • Amsterdam
  • 4+ Jaar



Legacy out. Agility in. It is the only way forward for the financial industry and the driving principle behind Ohpen: a ruthlessly effective, cloud-based core banking engine. Built by former retail bankers to administer retail investment and savings accounts, Ohpen liberates banks from their legacy systems and processes.

We have spent the last years overhauling all core banking processes, coded them all over again and deployed them in the cloud. By doing so we have effectively created the world’s first cloud-based core banking engine. And now we want you to let the world know about it.

Everyone knows you’re the go to person if it comes to deliver world class Marketing projects. We want the world to know about Ohpen; what we do, what we stand for, what we’re good at – and you’re the one to tell them. Taking this opportunity means being part of something special, something that’s never been done before and truly revolutionary. On a global level, your Project Management skills and Marketing experience will be seen. You’re the personification of creativity and execution power!

For Ohpen we are looking for a:



After 10 years of exceeding everyone’s expectations in The Netherlands, we are only getting started.

Your mission is to deliver industry changing Marketing projects. You focus on the execution and coordination, and although we ask you to be creative, the Marketing Specialist will focus on the creative part – the Project Manager gets it done! You’ll be in charge delivering e.g. the best documentary ever made (about Ohpen), setup a shiny new website that everyone envies and manage corporate events where people talk about years later.

Not enough? You’ll also work on a coffee table book, an improved house style and much more. With you in charge, the whole world will know about Ohpen. In this role you will report to Angelique Schouten, Chief Commercial Officer.

This is the moment in your career when you get to put your name on it. If you fail, it’s on you. If you succeed, It’s on you!

You’ll be all over the place:



  • You can deliver and you have a successful and proven track record of this;
  • You’ve been around in Project Management for 5-7 years and you have experience in the field of Marketing. A bit junior? No worries, the right attitude is way more appealing to us then your previous deliverables;
  • You’re savvy, you’re edgy, you’re unconventional;
  • You’re a star in knowing when to ask what question;
  • You’re uber-structured and keep your cool during the ride;
  • You think fintech is boring? Then this is not your role, we ask you to have affinity with our industry.


  • It might be you’ll be working for one of the most demanding managers within Ohpen, make sure you’re aware;
  • Exceed your own and your stakeholders’ expectations, less will not be acceptable;
  • There’s no way you can do this job with an energy level lower than 100%.


  • There’s no job in the world that will give you the level of satisfaction you will have when being successful in this role;
  • You can go above and beyond, because we will give you all the resources necessary;
  • We didn’t start Ohpen to be just another company. We started Ohpen to be amazing. This is your chance to join some of the sharpest minds in the business;
  • Exposure to an unrivalled mix of talents and specializations;
  • You’ll work with the most driven people you will ever meet!