Legacy out. Agility in. It is the only way forward for the financial industry and the driving principle behind Ohpen: a ruthlessly effective, cloud-based core banking engine. Built by former retail bankers to administer retail investment and savings accounts, Ohpen liberates banks from their legacy systems andprocesses.

Can you understand why we prefer being featured as the new kids on the core banking engine block in Forbes rather than publish yet another whitepaper? Are you too edgy and high energy for traditional corporate environments? Do you want to shout out to the world about a scale-up FinTech instead of a start-up Fintech? Then you’d join us to work on the most exciting chapter of our journey.

Now hold your horses for a moment and answer this: Is core-banking and fintech sexy? It might not be sexy, but it is very hot and it’s your job to make it so. We have a great story to tell, and your mission is to formulate it and place it in front of to the right audience—whatever it takes.

We have spent the last years overhauling all core banking processes, coded them all over again and deployed them in the cloud. By doing so we have effectively created the world’s first cloud-based core banking engine. And now we want you to let the world know about it.

For Ohpen we are looking for a:



After 10 years of exceeding everyone’s expectations in The Netherlands, we are only getting started. Our PR & Communications Manager can make a difference for us on a global scale. We offer you all the freedom and resources you want to create the perfect PR strategy. In return, we expect mountains to be moved and you can execute like no one else. In this role you will report to Angelique Schouten, Chief Commercial Officer.

This is the moment in your career when you get to put your name on it. If you fail, it’s on you. If you succeed, it’s on you!

You’ll be all over the place:


  • Taking full responsibility for PR & Communication in Ohpen;
  • Setting PR strategies and preparing PR campaigns;
  • Investigating newsworthy updates in our organization;
  • Identifying the right journalists and creating the right press list;
  • Positioning Ohpen as a state of the art core banking provider;
  • Writing press releases, online messages, social media posts and other PR materials;
  • Reviewing prospect documents, or client cases.



  • You are bold, and you are razor sharp (writing & words);
  • You have several years’ experience in PR & Communications, and you can show us a successful experience with you in the lead, or as second in command;
  • You know everything about Fintech, because this is where you gained the above experience;
  • You specialize in dealing with journalists and media;
  • You are creative, and fun to work with;
  • Your command of Dutch and English is excellent;
  • You know your way with PR software, social media, WordPress, Google Analytics and… well, all the other tools you need – you tell us!


  • In a world of limited attention spans, your job is to maintain a continuous interest and coverage of Ohpen’s activity – one-hit-wonders won’t work here;
  • You will need to be precise. We are perfectionists and everything you write and do will be under a microscope.


  • We didn’t start Ohpen to be just another company. We started Ohpen to be amazing. This is your chance to join some of the sharpest minds in the business;
  • We will encourage you to take risks and stand out;
  • We don’t outsource PR to agencies like other companies – we put our trust in you.