Jack Link’s

Jack Link’s isn’t made up of a bunch of button-up, corporate types. Like their brands and products, they believe in being authentic and genuine. Life’s too short to be artificial. They’ve never done things the way everyone else does. Over the years, for them these facts have always been more than just a way of doing business, it’s been a way of life. Jack Link pushes hard and takes risks – with the unwavering passion to get done what they’ve set out to do. All backed up by an unflinching eye on quality.

Jack Link’s is a family owned and value driven company. With the Global Head office in the US and production sites in Germany, Brazil, New Zealand and the US, the JACK LINK ‘S Snacks Group worldwide employee around 4000 people JACK LINK’S is not only number one in the US, but also the fastest growing protein snack manufacturer in the world.

In April 2014 Jack Link’s bought the brands BiFi and Peperami from Unilever. The remainder of the year was used to separate the brands and organisation from Unilever as well as set up a new EMEA head office in Amsterdam and our sales organisation in the UK, Germany and the Benelux. In 2015 Jack Link’s EMEA was up and running autonomously.


Amsterdam | 2+ Jaar

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