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Edgard & Cooper

Welcome to Edgard & Cooper – naturally tasty cat and dog food that you, your pets and our planet can feel good about. After just 3 years of trading, more than 8,000 shops in Europe stock our lovely products. Good food makes your mind, body and spirit feel amazing. Nothing beats fresh meat and simple ingredients, cooked and packed with nature in mind. But most pet foods are over processed and come wrapped in plastic. Enough is enough.

Our goal is to become the global leader in premium fresh pet foods, and our values are at the core of everything we do. We believe in doing it right, we’re passionate about creating tasty, healthy pet food that gives back to our beautiful world. We take pride in what we do, because we respect ourselves and others, compromise is not an option – and neither is giving up. We continually improve, creating opportunities for feedback – good and bad. That’s the best way to keep improving. We think (& do) different: innovation is at our core. We lead, not follow. We believe in going the extra mile, as we love our customers – owners, cats and dogs alike. Making their day makes our day! Besides this, we work and play. We never take ourselves too seriously. Instead, we stand together to make each other stronger. Finally, we make it personal. Even if no one was watching, we’d build our company the right way – it’s just who we are.

The most exciting thing about working at Edgard & Cooper is the fantastic young and close-knit team culture. We’ll challenge you in ways you haven’t been before and push you, so you can grow with us as a business. At the same time, we pledge to help you enjoy working so you look forward to going to the office every day!


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Rotterdam 4+ Jaar


Rotterdam 4+ Jaar